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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the MT training program take to complete?
Four months.  You have to spend daily 2-4 hours or weekly two days(6-8 hours).


How unique your MT course is?
We have prepared book of 10,000 words (A-Z) in Medical Transcription.  You have to read daily 50 to 100 words and you have to see meanings with pictures in Electronic Medical Dictionary (this we will provide), it will be very easy for you to understand the medical terminology and while dictator is dictating medical words, you can imagine what is going on in the file.  We will also give lot of images of medical procedures and anatomy.


What are the requirements for enrollment?
No medical background is necessary however; a good spelling/grammar aptitude is a plus.
Eligibility: 18 to 60 years with good written English skills.  Housewives, VRS Individuals, Students, Dentists, Nurses, Pharmacists, Doctors, Science Students (Bsc, Msc), English Graduates, etc, can apply.


What is Medical Transcription?
Medical Transcription is the audio dictated by the doctor or his assistant about the treatment undergone by the patient, which is used to claim for Insurance purposes in the future.
This Audio file is sent through Internet to a transcription company from doctor's office. Transcription, editing, and quality check will happen, then electronic document goes to doctor's office with required accuracy within the TAT (Turn around time eg 12 hrs, 24 hrs etc from the downloading time).


On average, how much can a medical transcriptionist earn?
3500 to 30,000.  Salary depends on the experience, application of knowledge, and typing skills.


What is the earning potential in Home Based Medical Transcription ?
Normally an employer pays approximately 1.10 to 1.30/- per line in India i.e., 65 characters of client acceptable quality.
By utilizing the typing speed, skills, techniques available, an MT with just 6 months of experience can produce an approximate 400 to 500 lines; this estimates to an average earning of Rs. 450 to 600 of 8 hours work per day.  Multiply this amount @ a month; this is the earning.


Do at home transcriptionists receive any type of benefits?
Working at home is actually a benefit in itself. Because you work out of your home this can mean a substantial savings. This savings can consist of day care costs, clothing expenses, traveling expenses, meal expenses, and even time that is taken unpaid. As for benefits themselves, over the past few years many companies are now offering medical benefits, paid time off, pension plans, life insurance, etc. So all in all, being a transcriptionist can be very, very lucrative.


Do you offer job placement assistance?
Yes, we do offer job placement and we will also give assistance to get job in outside organizations also.  We will send updates to your mail about job placements from day one of your joining in this course.


Do you feel that voice recognition programs will eventually replace medical transcriptionists?
Definitely not. Because this field is so technical and ever changing, it is pretty much impossible to encompass the whole medical profession on any type of software. Also, many physicians are ESL physicians (English as a second language) thus making use of this software almost impossible. I honestly don't see our jobs in any kind of jeopardy in the near future because of this software development.


What is the future of the medical transcription industry ?
The need for medical transcriptionists is increasing everyday.  There are very less number of trained MTs available right now in India.  The ratio of trained MTs available and MT related jobs available is 4:10.  To fill this gap, speech recognition utilities have emerged and it looks as if a large number of MTs will be out of their jobs, but that is not the case.  With the use of speech recognition utilities (SRU) MTs can progress in their careers to the levels of editors or proofers for the typing part of the job is eliminated.


How to execute work from home?
You need to have PC and net at home. We will provide all the softwares, CDs, books, weekly modules, foot padel software, etc, to execute the work from home MT job.


Any certificate will be issued after completion of course?
The accuracy that is required out of an MT is 100%.  Certification in MT does not carry any value without this accuracy.  Quality is the key.  Hard work pays off for sure, you also need to work smart and that is what we invoke in our students.  You will receive a training certificate from us after completing the course successfully.


How you are offering this course at very reasonable rate with job assurance?
As in the market for online course, people are taking 8000 to 15000.  As we have our own production, we are absorbing our students by giving Home Based Medical Transcription and also referring people to other reputed organizations, who are tied up with us.  Our total fee is just 6000/-.


What are the differences between online training being given by you and regular training in office?


Advantages Of Home Transcription


Compare fee with following courses

  1. Cost of any medical course (nursing, dentistry, physiotherapy, medicine, pharmacy) is 3 to 10 lacs with starting salary of just 5000 to 8000only after 5 to 6 years of hard work.
  2. Software courses with very limited number of jobs - Initial salary is just 6000 pm onwards.
  3. Hardware and networking course fees: 35 to 50,000 - Salary after the training is just 2000 to 3000 per month.


In contrast MT course will cost only few thousands and few months - you can get your money back in just 1 or 2 months and reach 12,000 to 15,000 mark in just 6-8 months or maximum 1 year.  Think and act fast - Do not delay.


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